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Alpla Werke, Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG - The Simple one

Product Name

The Simple one


What Made You Decide to Design This Product and Choose to Use Recycled Plastic Content? :

Sustainable, attractive looking packaging solution for refills and other products The sustainable, environmentally conscious use of resources is the basis of ALPLA’s business activities, ensuring that future generations can also live in a healthy environment. Therefore, one of our focus areas lies in finding innovative and sustainable new packaging solutions. The SIMPLE ONE is a good example of how far you can go when pushing a concept idea (simplicity to the max) beyond existing boundaries.


What Were They Key Outcomes and Objectives That Lead You to Design This Product? :

Reducing material use to an extreme (thinner wall thickness, no cap) while maintaining the functionality of a rigid bottle (stand ability, easy pouring out) was our goal. We wanted to find an extremely simplified (frugal) solution, made of only one material (HDPE monolayer) or up to 100% recycled material (PCR) and very easy to recycle (100% recyclable). Unique design, optimized to a maximum (oval shape that lies well in the hand, pallet size) Nice look and feel, easy to open with a scissor. Areas of application:

  • for refills and single use packaging (brands, private labels)
  • Non-Food and Food products (e.g. hand soap, liquid detergent, sweets, nuts)
  • especially suited for ecommerce (very resistant, no breakage during transport)


What Is Special About The Design?

  • eye catching, ergonomic design that lies well in the hand
  • easy to cut open with scissors
  • easy to empty, collapsible, space saving during disposal


Please Include What In Your View Makes Your Recycled Plastic Product Innovative:

  • extremely lightweight (no cap), up to 60% weight reduction compared to standard HDPE bottles (500 ml), reduced carbon footprint
  • only one material (HDPE monolayer), producible with up to 100% recycled material (PCR)
  • decorated with stretch sleeve (no adhesives, heat needed) – a good value for money and sustainable decoration solution
  • the ideal product for the environmentally responsible customer - bottle and sleeve are 100% recyclable
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