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What Made You Decide to Create This Product and Choose to Use Recycled Plastic Content? :

"It is impossible to promote the culture of silence without respecting the environment where we live" This has been the company motto since its foundation in 1974. MAPPY ITALIA SPA firmly believes in the green aspect of the quality of its products. For this reason the materials and production are made entirely in Italy with materials and products that are: RECYCLABLE REUSABLE REGENERATED WITH REDUCED CO2 EMISSIONS MAPPY ITALIA SPA applies policies to protect the environment each and every day; it creates products that are both technological advanced and eco-friendly made of natural fibres and recyclable compounds with low environmental impact.


What Were They Key Outcomes and Objectives That Lead You to Design This Product? :

This specific project aimed to: to reduce their environmental impact; to increase their living quality in terms of acoustic insulation; to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, reducing pollution in the environment. In particular, MAPPY ITALIA SPA created a package for the renovation and refurbishment of buildings located in extremely noisy areas (eg nearby airports) in order to guarantee an adequate increase in the acoustic, thermal and hygrometric properties.


Outline The Development Phase of the Product:

Definition of the goals in terms of acoustic and therma linsulation. Study of exhisting materials. Combination of different products to create a composit material. Laboratory testing. Loop of tuning of the composition and laboratory testing. In situ testing in a builing near the Milan airport (Malpensa) in collaboration with Regione Lombardia and CNR (Italian National Research Center).


How Did You Monitor and Meet the Objectives That You Set? Where Appropriate Include Information On Research, Resourcing, Speed-To-Market, Material Selection, Testing and So On:

Alongside research into materials, several laboratory tests was carried out with the aim of obtaining a product that could guarantee an adequate increase in the acoustic, thermal and hygrometric properties of the site under renovation. After the testing stage, the product was succesfully presented to the market What Is Special About the Product? : The final composite material is 100% recyclable and most of it is obtained from used PET plastic bottles. Although it is a green product, it is also a decorative panel perfect for improving acoustic comfort as it reduces reverberation and echo in an effective and elegant way. It provides an appealing look able to meet the various needs of designers and architects.


How Much Recycled Plastic Content Does Your Product Contain and Where Was This Sourced from? Please Include Information On Innovation, Design for Manufacture, Ergonomics, Aesthetics, Market Reception, Viability of Product Use, Purpose and Design for Sustainability:

The product is made of 3 layers: 1) Polyethylene, by its very nature, does not contain any substance that is harmful to people or the environment and it is totally recyclable. 3) Elastomeric barrier which is obtained from the partial recycling of the waste produced from processing the actual material. 4) Polyester fibers covered by polyester fabric which are both 100% recyclable and are obtained from used PET plastic bottles.

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