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Orkla Home & Personal Care - Jordan Green Clean

Product Name

Jordan Green Clean


What Made You Decide to Create This Product and Choose to Use Recycled Plastic Content? :

We want to offer consumer products that can be part of the circular economy, without compromising aesthetics, functionality or user experience.


What Were They Key Outcomes and Objectives That Lead You to Design This Product? :

We wanted to take an initiative to reuse plastic instead of incineration or landfill. Further we hope that this product could highlight the need for future recycling systems that could handle this type of consumer products.


Outline The Development Phase of the Product:

The main challenge was to find a suitable supplier of post-consumer recycled plastic that meet our requirements, such as food contact approved (FDA). We also use relevant safety requirements of toys as reference to ensure product safety.


How Did You Monitor and Meet the Objectives That You Set? Where Appropriate Include Information On Research, Resourcing, Speed-To-Market, Material Selection, Testing and So On:

Close collaboration with material supplier was a key to get necessary documentation and progression in the project. When choosing supplier/suppliers it was also important to ensure a steady delivery of volumes with consistent quality. Close collaboration with manufacturer was important to test materials in production and evaluate its' suitability as handle material. The recycled material has a grey tone, so it was important to select a colour range worked well with this starting point. The final colours differentiate from the somewhat fluorescent colour tone that are common in the category today. Yet, the result fits perfectly with today's trends and speaks well to contemporary interior design.


What Is Special About the Product? :

We chose a mono-material toothbrush handle design with circular economy in mind, ready-made for material recovery in future recycling systems. The toothbrush has been developed and designed in cooperation with Andreas Engesvik, a famous Norwegian interior designer, and has been awarded with Red Dot Design Award. The filaments are Nylon 1010 and 100% bio-based, and the innovative paper pulp packaging is made from recycled paper fibers.


How Much Recycled Plastic Content Does Your Product Contain and Where Was This Sourced from? Please Include Information On Innovation, Design for Manufacture, Ergonomics, Aesthetics, Market Reception, Viability of Product Use, Purpose and Design for Sustainability:

Instead of using virgin fossil based plastic, our product revitalize post-consumer FDA-approved plastic, and by this initiative both energy and emissions are reduced. By introducing this product we emphasize reuse of plastic.

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