At IdentiPlast 2017, in the EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations) Best Plastics Recycled Plastics Awards, Spain swept the board being declared winners in both categories, Product and Design.

The awards which are designed to showcase the new and innovative recycled plastic products and the advances made in terms of sustainability and technological progress were displayed and judged at the IdentiPlast Conference. The 320 delegates in Vienna were given the opportunity to vote from the short list of 5 Product finalists and 2 Product Designs. Choosing from the list of worthy finalists was difficult as all the products displayed were good ambassadors for recycled plastic products. The finalists included;

Design Category;

  • Mi-Bin Ltd from Ireland with the multifunctional bin, Mi-Bin.
  • SP-Berner, from Spain, with the Miami set of outdoor furniture.

Product Category

  • Counterplas Ltd, from the United Kingdom with the Loft stilt.
  • Papier-Mettler, from Germany with Tesco bags for life.
  • Roofeco Systems, from Spain with the Spanish Roof Tiles.
  • SP-Berner, from Spain with the Venus set of outdoor furniture.
  • Incoplas from Belgium with the EUR range bottles.

The winners of each category received a plaque which had been designed and commissioned using recycled plastic. Roofeco Systems and SP Berner were both awarded with their winning plaques by Dr Christoph SCHARFF, CEO of ARA at the IdentiPlast networking dinner. 

The award recognises the progression in the applications of recycled plastics, and represents an opportunity for the industry to further demonstrate commitment to the environment and saving resources through use of recycled materials. Peter Sundt, EPRO, General Secretary said “the award is not only an inspiration for the winners, but also for all designers and the plastic value chain including everyone taking part in separate collection, sorting and recycling of plastic waste including the 20 EPRO members. All the finalists and the winners are great ambassadors for recycled plastic products, and are great examples of the sustainable use of recycled plastics.”


The Roofeco Systems, Rooftile, winning product demonstrates the advantages in terms of environmental benefits of using recycled plastics as opposed to the traditional methods of manufacturing rooftiles.   Roofeco had used technology to overcome previous restrictions of plastics use for this type of product and proved that there were considerable environmental savings over the life-time of the tiles in contrast to other materials. Proving the use of recycled plastics in this design were ecologically sound with long term viability. On receiving their award Marianella Martinez, Director, Roofeco Systems Ltd said “I feel proud and enthusiastic of valorising plastic residues into an aesthetic, lightweight, 100% waterproof and hail resistant Spanish roof tile system. Through a process that needs 70% less energy than conventional Spanish ceramic roof tiles.”

Sp-Berner of Spain were presented with the Design Award for the Miami set of outdoor furniture which is designed to be made with 30% post-consumer recycled plastic.  Rafael Munoz, General Commercial Manager, said that the award was in recognition of the effort and work of the Sp-Berner team and their 2020 strategic plan. Rafael said “Everything is born of the approach and needs of our customers and consumers, as well as the clear commitment that Sp-Berner has undertaken to, promote and contribute actively to the conservation of the environment”

Stuart Foster, CEO of RECOUP and EPRO Director, said “congratulations to every one of the finalists. I hope we can encourage many others to consider the business and environmental benefits of using recycled plastics in product manufacturing, and help demonstrate that plastic is a circular resource – something that is increasingly critical to the future success of this industry.”

All finalists from across Europe have through using recycled plastics demonstrated their commitment both to environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.  

The arrangements will soon be underway for the next awards which are due to take place at IdentiPlast 2018 in London.  

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